Together tailoring the medicinal products to the specific patients’ needs

Widely Used for

Personalized pharmacy preparations

Fill & finish of small or extra-small batches is typically performed manually and thus is associated with high risks of contamination and human errors.

Discover our AT-Closed Vial®  fill & finish stations, operating with ready-to-use fluid path, and bring ultimate sterility assurance, rapidity of operation and space-saving aseptic filling in your hospital pharmacy.

Centralized compounding pharmacies

Safety, quality and efficiency is key while dealing with compounding several injectable products for local hospitals.
Discover our multi-format robotic fill and finish lines, combined with isolator or RABS, bringing flexibility to your day-to-day centralized pharmacy needs.

Safe product administration

To secure the clinical outcomes, the hospital staff shall be confident and comfortable with the product administration procedures. Moreover, some products, as cytotoxics, require particular precautions, since the exposure to these hazardous substances shall be strictly avoided.
Discover the AT-Closed Vial®, a polymer vial, resistant to shocks and extreme storage conditions, as well as the associated tool for the product recovery, the AT-Adapt™.

Inspiring cases studies

Our technologies bring consistency and robustness to the fill and finish processes of cell and gene therapy players globally


AT-Closed Vial® and Container Closure Integrity during Cryogenic Storage


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