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AT-Filling Kit™

Standardized single-use, disposable fluid path system for aseptic filling operations within AT-Closed Vial®.

In combination with Crystal filling lines, the AT-Filling Kit™ provides :

  • Contamination-free high-accuracy filling
  • From several hundreds of microliters to 50 ml
  • Intuitive change-over
  • Reduced validation and inventory management effort

AT-Filling Kit™ consists of a specific filling needle and a system of tubing, for ergonomic transfer from the bulk product container to the filling unit, trough the peristaltic dosing system.

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To secure the clinical outcomes, the therapy developers need to take into consideration the product administration procedures. User-friendly SOPs and devices enable error-proof administration, increasing patient safety.

To faster bring your injectable therapy in AT-Closed Vial® to market, we designed the AT-Adapt™, a dedicated stand-alone disposable device for vial access without use of a needle. The device is intended for use by healthcare professionals in a wide variety of healthcare environments, including hospitals and pharmacies.

  • Maximize extractable volume
  • Vented for neutralizing the vial pressure
  • Luer connection
  • Individually blistered and sterilized

The AT-Adapt™ is available for the 2 ml, 6ml, 10 ml, 20 ml, 50 ml formats of AT-Closed Vial®.
For instructions on how to use the AT-Adapt™, please check this video

Advantages of AT-Filling Kit™

  • Manufactured in ISO 7 cleanroom
  • For operation with AT-Closed Vial Filling Lines
  • Optimized for various vial sizes
  • Packaging for compliant introduction to ISO 5
  • Supplied with certificate of conformity and Validation Master Plan

AT-Closed Vial® and Container Closure Integrity during Cryogenic Storage


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