M1 Filling Station


The Crystal™ M1 Filling Station is a tabletop aseptic filling system, de-risking your manual fill & finish operation.

The Crystal™ M1 Filling Station operates with the AT-Closed Vial®, remaining functionally closed throughout the filling process, significantly reducing the contamination risks typically associated with the manual fill & finish.
The system consists of the filling unit with its dosing system, precision balance, laser re-sealing unit and a capping tool.

Installed in a Biosafety Cabinet or an isolator, the system provides flexibility and ease of switch to the AT-Closed Vial® technology.

Crystal® M1_RABS_operator_1


  • Up to 200 AT-Closed Vial® per hour
  • 0,1 ml to 50 ml filling
  • At your site in 6 weeks
  • Installed and qualified in 1 day
  • Easy validation
  • For standard biosafety cabinet
  • High filling accuracy
  • Single-use material only
  • Toolless format change
  • Reproducible scalable process
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Manual fill & finish with Crystal™ M1 Filling Station

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Crystal® M1_laser_2
Crystal® M1_needle_1
Crystal® M1_PF7+needle+balance_1
Crystal® M1_laser_1

Functioning principle

Using the M1 Filling Station, the AT-Closed Vial® are individually filled through the stopper, laser re-sealed and capped, while being manually transferred between the process stations within the critical area.

To prepare the batch, the bulk product is connected to the AT-Filling Kit™, the dosing system and laser control unit are calibrated. For practical and ergonomic process, the AT-Closed Vial® can be provided in AT-CryoBox™, accompanied with AT-Cap™ in rigid support.

One by one, the vials are installed on the base of the filling tool. By manipulation of the lever, the piercing step with the spear-point needle is initiated. The product is safely injected in the vial, while being completely isolated from the surrounding environment.

Next, the AT-Closed Vial® is manually transferred to the laser re-sealing cabinet. Just 1 second laser shot is enough to re-close the filled vial, without any impact on the product. To complete the process, the capping tool is used to place a snap fit AT-Cap™ on the vial.

The AT-CryoBox™ with processed vials is then extracted from the critical area.


AT-Closed Vial® and Container Closure Integrity during Cryogenic Storage


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