Design and Injection Molding


Single-use devices are deeply enrooted in the life science, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical industries. The use of plastics for prototyping and serial manufacturing for these applications is particularly important and can’t be limited, due to the high purity, precision and functionality requirements.

Such narrow tolerances and cleanliness can be achieved with precision injection molding in adequate clean environment.

Besides, to maintain the cleanliness chain, the devices are often required to be ready-to-use, meaning that they are fully prepared, adequately packed and sterilized.

Injection molding_1


It’s in our DNA: design, injection molding and radiation sterilization of pharmaceutical devices.

Since its creation, Aseptic Technologies has developed a unique expertise in design and highly controlled validated clean manufacturing process of :

  • Ready-to-use closed primary containers for injectable products, AT-Closed Vial® technology
  • Disposable aseptic connectors, AT-Connector™, AT-Connect™
  • Accessories for pharmaceutical processing: racks, nests, cryoboxes

We master the core requirements for pharmaceutical devices since 2002, including the most critical product contact parts. And we will leverage this expertise for your project.

Custom pharmaceutical device design and injection molding

Founded in 2021 as a joint project of Aseptic Technologies, Simonis Plastic and SRIW Group, Plast4Life provides clean custom injection molding services to life science companies.

  • Design and prototyping
  • Manufacturing in ISO 7
  • Management of tight tolerances
  • Small series and high throughput
  • Process monitoring and in-line inspection
  • Different polymer types and colors
  • Pharma mindset of the quality team
  • Low waste

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