The AT-Etcher™ is a tabletop laser etching system that allows you to laser engrave identifying information to the AT-Closed Vial® at any stage of your process.

The AT-Etcher™ is capable of laser engraving on frozen vials which allows you to add new information prior to shipping/distribution (i.e., just-in-time labelling), expiration date updates, or to simply update critical information thereby decreasing the need for rework.

The simplified process using the equipment allows you to laser engrave a single vial quickly and efficiently.



  • Laser etcher
  • Compatible with frozen vials
  • Compatible with all sizes of the AT-Closed Vial®
  • Cycle time: less than 20 sec
  • CE Certificate
  • Installed and qualified in one day

Laser engrave your AT-Closed Vial® with the AT-Etcher™

Functioning principle

With the AT-Etcher™ you can quickly laser engrave the AT-Closed Vial® at any time during your manufacturing process.

Place the AT-Closed Vial® on its rotative axis inside the AT-Etcher™; use the screen to input information and let the AT-Etcher™ accurately laser engrave the epigraph on the collar of the vial.


AT-Closed Vial® and Container Closure Integrity during Cryogenic Storage


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