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Helping pharma companies deliver breakthrough therapies to their patients by bringing innovation to the aseptic filling operation

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Who we are

Aseptic Technologies improves the quality of aseptic operations by providing innovative and user-oriented state-of-the-art equipment, devices, and services to the pharmaceutical industry. Founded in 2002, Aseptic Technologies originally manufactures fill & finish solutions and aseptic transfer systems. Our core expertise lays in the innovation of aseptic filling processes for biopharmaceutical products, including the cell and gene therapy products.

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Skan Group

As a member of the SKAN Group since 2011, we leverage technological excellence of SKAN in the isolator design, providing integrated solutions for fill & finish projects, globally.  Furthermore, we share decades of expertise in injection molding and manufacturing in cleanroom, offering customized ready-to-use assemblies for pharmaceutical processes.

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Trusted partner

Aseptic Technologies is a trusted partner to the biotech and pharma companies, academia and hospital structures developing and delivering truly life-changing treatments to the patients and their families. Our task is to honor the complex and costly pharmaceutical manufacturing work and to ensure with our machines, devices and ready-to-use systems, that the medicine leaves the facility contaminant-free and compliant and remains as such throughout the shelf life.

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