AT-Port™ System

The AT-Port™ System is the/an alpha-beta aseptic liquid connection system, enabling safe liquid transfer between different containment classification areas, across a wall, while maintaining sterility.
It consists of the :

  • Connector Port
  • Disposable Connector Devices, AT-Connector™ and AT-Connect™

Transfer larger volumes: AT-Connector™

  • For large volumes liquid transfer between two different classification environments
  • Same connector can be used up to 5 opening-closing operations
  • Hose barb connections
  • Supplied sterilized or non-sterilized for RTU assembly
  • Distributed worldwide by Sartorius Stedim under brand name Gammasart Aseptic Transfer Device (ATD™)

When every drop matters: AT-Connect™

  • Aseptic liquid connector device used with AT-Port™ System
  • For optimal high-value bulk product introduction to the aseptic filling line, installed on isolator or RABS.
  • Efficient low volume transfer
  • Product contact with silicone and thermoplastic elastomer (C-Flex®) tubing only: tube passes through the disposable connector device
  • Enables placement of the dosing system outside of the containment


  • Ergonomic design
  • 100% leak-test of the system
  • Small footprint
  • Connection is made in seconds
  • Ensuring grade A continuity
  • Error-proofing with security features

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