Our solutions have been developed to meet latest challenges of biopharmaceutical manufacturing, optimizing aseptic fill&finish processing and ensuring uncompromised level of sterility.


During aseptic filling operations with potent products (cytotoxics, radiopharmaceuticals, nanomedicines, biohazard…), not only the products must be well protected against contamination and cross-contamination, but the environment and the operators must be isolated from the hazardous products.


A large group of cutting edge biological products involves operations with living cells and requires low temperature (-80 °C) or cryogenic storage. The “conventional” approach for manufacturing and handling of injectables does not meet the specific requirements of Cell and Gene Therapy Products.

Small scale

Medium scale

Large scale


During pharmaceutical formulation, managing risk of contamination is crucial. Manipulations of large volumes of liquid bulk require a robust, rapid and secured method of aseptic connection.


To initiate the fill and finish operations, several aseptic connections should be made: the product should follow a path from introduction to the critical area to a dispensing needle tip.