PX Filling Line

Fully automated line

The Crystal® PX Filling Line has been designed to address the large scale pharmaceutical filling, with a filling speed ranging from 100 vials/min (4 heads) up to 180 vials/min (8 heads).

The Crystal® PX Filling Line equipment only requires electricity (no WFI, no wet utilities, no compressed air).
Fully compliant with cGMP requirements, the Crystal® PX Filling Lines are able to easily process all sizes of ready-to-fill AT-Closed Vials®, from 1ml up to 50ml, thanks to quick and tool-less format change.


> One single equipment
Limited space required as the total equipment footprint is approximately 16 sq. m. (172 sq. ft.) 
> Loading of vials performed by a robotic unpacking system to prevent the vials from contamination
> 100% In Process Control (IPC) and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) ensuring proper and effective filling, closing and capping

Main characteristics

Vial Formats
For installation
up to 180 vials/minAll AT-Closed Vial®Persitaltic/ VolumetricRABS, Isolator

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