Available packaging

AT-Closed Vial® and AT-Caps™ can be supplied in different types of packaging to best fit the scale and process needs.

AT-Closed Vials®

Packaging dedicated to small batch filling. 8, 9, 16 or 25 AT-Closed Vials® per alveolar polypropelene box (depending on the vial format), double wrapped, gamma irradiated. Suitable for cryogenic storage. Dimensions: L 133 mm, W 133 mm (fits the feezer racks).


Packaging adapted to automated aseptic filling using L1/SL1 Robot Lines. Less than 100  aligned  AT-Closed Vials® (depending on the vial format) in nest, double wrapped, gamma-irradiated.



Several hundreds of AT-Closed Vials® (depending on the format) in alveolar polypropylene box, double wrapped, gamma-irradiated.Dimensions: L 424mm W 302mm.



Snap-fit cap to protect the septum, exists in 2 formats:
>> 1ml ;
>> 2ml and larger.
Available colors for product differentiation:

Standard packaging
300 or 425 caps (depending on the format) double wrapped, gamma irradiated.

Customized Packaging

AT-Closed Vial® and AT-Caps™ can be packed on your specification in quantity and that suits your process in the best way.

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