M1 Filling Station

Manual equipment

The Crystal® M1 Filling Station has been developed to meet small scale cGMP pharmaceutical filling.

Being manually operated, the filling capacity goes up to 180 vials/hour depending on product characteristics, with batch size ranging from less than 10 up to 1,500 vials (two operators).


> Easy-to-deploy:  at your site in 8 weeks, qualified in 1 day
> Installed in Biosafety Cabinet or Isolator
> Very limited space required
> Higher quality assurance of aseptic filling thanks to the ready-to-fill AT-Closed Vial® supplied clean and sterilized
> Only electricity required to operate the equipment

Main characteristics

Vial Format
For installation

up to 180 vials/hour

All AT-Closed Vial®


BSC, Isolator, AT-Box™


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