L1 Robot Line

Robotic equipment

The Crystal® L1 Robot Line is an automated equipment designed to perform filling of stability batches, clinical batches and niche products production. The equipment can fill up to 600 AT-Closed Vials® per hour.  

Ready-to-Fill AT-Closed Vial® are processed in nests. They are automatically filled, laser re-sealed and capped by the L1 Robot line.

The Crystal® L1 Robot Line can be easily operated by a single person and is suitable for installation in different backgrounds: from Grade B clean room in active or passive RABS up to Grade C surrounding when installed inside an isolator. 


> Very limited space required: footprint is approximately 1 sq. m. (~ 10 sq. ft.)
> Different vial entry procedures and barrier systems according to project specifications and product requirements
> Only electricity is required to operate the equipment

Main characteristics

Vial Format
For installation
up to 600 vials/hourAll AT-Closed® vial PeristalticRABS, 


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