Isolated L1 Robot Line

Closed Automated Operations

The Isolated Crystal® L1 is made of a robotic filler processing AT-Closed Vial®, protected by its own isolator shell, H2O2 decontaminated.

The Isolated Crystal® L1 shell ensures an uncompromised Grade A, Class 100 condition within the chamber thanks to positive differential pressure and unidirectional airflow. Its rapid decontamination system (using nebulized H2O2) ensures a 6-log reduction in just few minutes while ultra-efficient catalytic converters allow a very quick aeration, directly to the room.


> Closed robotic operations
> Ultra-fast decontamination
> No complex isolator infrastructure: air intake/exhaust in the room
> Easy aseptic connection to the bulk
> Higher sterility assurance of aseptic filling thanks to the ready-to-fill AT-Closed Vial® supplied clean and sterilized
> Single-use systems for product path
> Only electricity required to operate the equipment

Main characteristics

Vial format
For installation
up to 600 vials/hourAll AT-Closed Vial®PeristalticGrade C/D

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