AT-Filling Kit™

Manufacturing in-house

Aseptic Technologies manufactures ready-to-use filling kits for all Crystal® Filling Lines and for other filling equipment. 

AT-Filling Kit

Clean assembly of tubing and AT-Needle™, designed for aseptic filling of injectable products. 
The AT-Filling Kit™ is packed in double PE bags and sterilized by Gamma irradiation.
Depending on characteristics of your product and pump in use (peristaltic or volumetric), several types of kits are available as standard products.
Customized systems can be designed and fully manufactured to best fit your processing and equipment particularities. Various elements such as filters, connectors, tubing and needle types can be incorporated according to your specification.


Special needle designed for filling of  AT-Closed Vials®.
> Stainless steel 316 L, pencil tip, diameter: 2.0 to 3.1 mm;
> Sharp edges to make a clear cut in the elastomer stopper;
> Non-coring;
> Lateral injection of the liquid;
> Side grooves to avoid over-pressure during filling.


> Ready-to-use disposable devices
> Luer lock connection to bulk container
> Supplied with Certificate of Conformity

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