Needleless collection

In order to provide safe and optimal procedure of needleless collection of the product filled in the AT-Closed Vial®, a special vented vial access device has been designed.


The AT-Adapt™ is a stand-alone, single-use, disposable device which permits access to a product in AT-Closed Vial® without the use of a needle. The device is intended for use by healthcare professionals in a wide variety of healthcare environments, including hospitals, healthcare facilities, and pharmacies. The AT-Adapt™ can be as well used for access to an intermediate product filled in AT-Closed Vial® used in further therapeutics manufacturing in the GMP environments.


The AT-Adapt™ is compatible with the AT-Closed Vial® formats of 2ml, 6ml, 10ml, 20ml and 50ml.
The device is commercially available in USA and EU-countries.


> Ready-to-use disposable device
> Miminized residual volume
> User-friendly collection without use of a needle


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