AT-Closed Vial®

The first closed ready-to-fill container, bringing safer and easier aseptic fill&finish solution.

Crystal® Filling Lines

Scaling-up solutions for your aseptic fill&finish: from R&D to commercial batches.

Isolated equipment

The Isolated Crystal equipment are made for closed automated fill&finish operations and consist of a filler processing AT-Closed Vial®, protected by their own isolator shell, decontaminated by H2O2. The Isolated Crystal equipment results from the close collaboration between Aseptic Technologies and SKAN, the worldwide leader of advanced aseptic isolators. 

Isolator and Barrier

SKAN production isolators for filling lines are used in many FDA-approved systems. Aseptic and aseptic/toxic filling machines meet the highest standards of our customers in terms of materials, qualification, handling and service.

Product Path

Aseptic connection systems for introduction of bulk product in Grade A and our in-house manufacturing of kits for aseptic filling